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Everything You Need To Know About Indoor Pools

Everything You Need To Know About Indoor Pools

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At the end of a long day, you long for nothing more than to dive into a luxurious home pool, a place where you can swim, stretch your muscles, and soak your cares away. But in the middle of winter, that’s just not possible with an outdoor pool.

Have you considered getting an indoor pool instead?

There’s a lot to learn before you get started with an indoor pool. But don’t worry: We’re going to cover all the basics.

At Krevco Lifestyles, we’ve been in the pool industry for over 40 years. In that time, we’ve installed all kinds of swimming pools in Winnipeg, including in-ground and above-ground pools. 

In this blog, we’re going to share our insider tips when it comes to planning and building an indoor pool:

The Benefits of Indoor Swimming Pools

Thinking of adding a pool to your home? You have a lot of decisions ahead of you. There’s a handful of pools to choose from—in-ground, above-ground, and indoor swimming pools. Which one is right for your home? 

Here’s why you might consider an indoor pool:

Available year-round!

Here’s the greatest advantage to installing an indoor pool: You don’t need to worry about winter. Even when the ground is covered in snow, you’ll be able to swim laps in your indoor pool. 

Keep up on your home fitness routine and enjoy your awesome pool no matter what the weather is like outside. With indoor pools, it’s always swimming season.

Free from outdoor debris

Leaves, sticks, and random toys that your neighbour’s kid throws over the fence—all sorts of debris can end up in your outdoor pool. You can’t leave your pool covered all summer long, so you’re stuck fishing out the objects that fall inside it. 

Not with an indoor pool. Your pool will be safely tucked away inside your home, free from falling debris and other contaminants. 

Total privacy

Even if your backyard is fenced in, you might feel more comfortable swimming in the comfort of your home. There’s no chance anyone could break into your backyard and use your pool when it’s hidden away inside your home. You’re free to swim laps, float for hours, or simply dip your toes in without anyone watching. 


The kids won’t need to leave the house to attend swimming lessons. And when you need an after-work workout, venture to your indoor swimming pool to get it done. With the convenience of an indoor pool, you may find yourself exercising and spending time with family far more than you would otherwise.

More value to buyers

When the time comes to sell your home, your indoor swimming pool will pay for itself. Increase the overall value of your home by building an indoor pool room. You’ll wow buyers with the stunning design and dreams of swimming every day. This makes indoor swimming pools a great investment for homeowners. 

What Equipment Do You Need for an Indoor Swimming Pool?

So, you’ve budgeted for the installation cost of your swimming pool. What about all the other supplies you need to maintain your pool? Here’s a checklist of the equipment you’ll need to buy: 


You know how after you take a hot shower, the mirrors in your bathroom fog up? To get rid of excess moisture, you need to ventilate the room; otherwise, you risk damaging the structure of your home or promoting mould growth. An indoor swimming pool poses this risk. 

To prevent mould growth, you must keep indoor humidity levels below 60%. For that, you need a ventilation and dehumidification system. 

Pool heater

Keep the water comfortable with a heater. There’s a lot of debate about the perfect pool temperature; it comes down to your preference. Indoor swimming pools should generally be kept between 26-28°C. Without a heater, your water will be unpleasantly cold. 

Power source

Pools require a lot of electricity, especially when they’re indoors. And since your pool is running year-round, you’re paying for all that electricity 12 months of the year. You need an ample power supply to keep your pool going. Consider setting up a solar heating system to offset the cost of your energy needs. 

Pool cover

Safety covers are important for outdoor pools, but especially so for indoor ones. A pool cover will prevent pool water from evaporating. It helps you maintain a consistent temperature to save on energy costs. 

Covers also keep moisture levels in check (although you’ll still need a dehumidification system). If you have pets or children, a cover ensures that no one falls in when you aren’t around.

Things To Consider About an Indoor Pool

While there are plenty of benefits to installing an indoor pool, there’s a lot to think about before you take the plunge. Keep in mind the following:

  • High construction costs. If your home wasn’t built to support an indoor pool, you’ll need to do extensive renovations to accommodate one. 
  • High heating costs. With outdoor pools, you just need to heat the pool water (and on summer days, the sunlight helps with that). But with an indoor pool, you need to heat the water and the indoor air. This can get costly in the winter. 
  • Humidity can be an issue. Without a proper ventilation system, you could develop an unpleasant mould problem in your home. 
  • Potential water damage. It’s easy to track water around and leave puddles when you’re coming out of the pool. You’ll need to set up waterproof flooring near your indoor swimming pool to prevent any damage. You may need a pool enclosure to keep things dry. 
  • Showers & washrooms. After going for a swim, it’s important to shower the chlorine off your skin. Consider the placement of your indoor pool—will it be near a shower or changing area, or will you need to install those, too?

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