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EZ Pad

Best Engineered, Award Winning Hot Tub Pad! The "Ten Minute Patio" EZ Pad

With the EZ Pad there is no concrete to pour, no decks to build, no contractor bids, no weather delays, and best of all, NO PERMITS. The convenience and savings in time and money make the EZ Pad an innovative, budget-minded solution for all spa, hot tub and patio installations.

The EZ Pad provides a solid level foundation for any spa, hot tub, patio or outdoor equipment that requires a solid base. EZ Pads are pre-fabricated modules each measuring 48" x 48" x 2" made of high-density, polyethylene plastic. They are chemical and mildew resistant, slip resistant and maintenance free. Engineered and tested to withstand temperatures from -20° to 140° and crush tested to 5,000 lbs per sq.ft.

The "New" State-of-the-Art EZ Pad, is consumer preferred because it outperforms all competing products with these exclusive advantages

  • Can be made into 8' x 16', and 12' x 12'
  • Save time and money! avoid delays... do-it-yourself
  • The EZ Pad can be placed on grass, dirt, sand or gravel. Simply pre-pare a level area
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fastened with screws and large connectors
  • Transportable once assembled, it won't fall apart
  • Easier to level

Additional EZ Pad uses:

Gazebos, Patio Furniture, Storage Sheds, Fountains, Pool Equipment, Swim Spas, Swing Sets, Walkways, Decks, or anywhere you might use concrete.

Only available in Canada

Depending on location additional shipping charges may apply. You will be contacted with the adjusted shipping quote.

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