Can you feel it in the air? The crisp autumn breeze, the crunch of leaves underfoot—fall has arrived! That means it's just about time to start prepping for the off-season. I know, I know, it's a bummer to think about closing up your pool when it feels like summer just ended. But a little preventative care now will pay off when swim season rolls back around next year.

Now comes the tricky part - choosing the right type of cover. There are a few options, like mesh safety covers, solar covers, and solid vinyl covers. Phew, that was a lot! But don't fret! With our checklist, your pool will be prepped for the off-season in no time.

What are the covers for pools called?

The covers specifically designed for pools are termed "pool covers." They come in various types, including safety covers, winter covers, and automatic covers. Brands like Kafko™ offer  in-ground and above-ground pool covers that are meticulously engineered to provide the best protection for your swimming pool.

What is the purpose of a pool cover?

A pool cover serves multiple purposes. Primarily, it protects your swimming pool from debris, such as leaves and twigs, which are common during the fall season. Pool covers also prevent accidental intrusion by children and pets, ensuring safety.

It also helps reduce water evaporation, maintain the pool's chemical balance, and protect the pool from harsh weather conditions.

What's the difference between a pool cover and a tarp?

While both can cover your pool, there's a significant difference between them. A pool cover is specifically designed for swimming pools, offering features like UV resistance, anti-rub strips, and custom non-corrosive hardware, whereas a tarp is a generic covering that might not provide the same level of protection or fit.

Why Should You Cover Your Pool This Fall?

  1. Saves energy and money
    Running a pool pump and filter 24/7 can cost you big bucks, especially with energy prices on the rise. Shutting down for the fall and winter means you can turn off all that equipment and save hundreds on your utility bills over the off-season.
  2. Protects equipment
    Keeping your pool uncovered during the fall and winter exposes it to harsh weather that can damage pumps, heaters, and filters. An in-ground or above-ground pool cover provides a protective barrier against the elements to help ensure your equipment lasts longer.
  3. Prevents messes
    Leaving your pool open allows dirt, debris, and even small animals to blow in. This leads to clogs in plumbing and pumps, damaged liners or concrete, and one heck of a mess to clean up come springtime. Putting on a pool cover helps keep your pool pristine until next season.
  4. Extends the swim season
    If you invest in a pool cover that can raise the water temperature, like a solar cover, you can actually extend your swim season. The cover will trap heat and raise the water temperature, so you can take a dip well into the fall and get back in earlier come spring.
  5. Gives you peace of mind
    An automatic pool cover that you can operate with the push of a button gives you the ultimate peace of mind. You'll know your pool is securely covered when you're not using it, keeping your family, pets, and belongings safe around the pool area. That's worth closing up for!

How do I choose a pool cover?

When selecting a pool cover, consider the following:

  • Type of Pool: Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool will determine the kind of cover you need.
  • Safety: Consider pool safety covers that prevent accidental intrusions. Opt for pool covers that exceed ASTM standards.
  • Material: Look for UV resistant materials and features like Ease-A-Drain.
  • Warranty: Brands like Kafko™ offer up to a 20-year warranty on their pool covers.
  • Additional Features: Consider options for pool covers this fall with features like pool cover rollers or pool cover automatic mechanisms for added convenience.

What is the best way to cover a pool?

Securing a tailored pool cover that matches the shape and size of your pool is the most effective method to safeguard it when not in use. Take precise measurements and find a cover that fits like a glove to avoid leaving any spots uncovered. Using a pool cover roller can make the process easier.

Step-by-Step Guide to Closing Your Pool This Fall 2023

Closing up your pool for the fall season involves a few important steps to ensure it’s protected from the elements during the cooler months. Following these guidelines will help prevent damage and make opening it again in the spring a breeze.

  1. Drain and Clean
    First, drain your pool to below the skimmer and return lines. Use a submersible pump to remove any remaining water from the pool floor. Give the entire pool a good scrub, including the deck and any patio furniture. Skim out any debris and vacuum the pool walls and floor.
  2. Remove and Clean Accessories
    All pool accessories, such as skimmers, pumps, filters, heaters, slides, and diving boards, should be completely drained and cleaned before storing for the winter. Hoses, vacuums, leaf rakes, and other equipment used during the season should also be cleared of any debris and rinsed with a hose. Allow all parts to air dry completely to prevent the growth of mold or mildew. Once dry, store everything in a sheltered area, ideally off the bare ground.
  3. Add Chemicals and Secure Equipment
    After cleaning, test and balance the pool water's chemistry. Add algaecide and shock as needed. Remove and store the pool ladder, handrails, diving board, pump, filter, heater, and any other equipment. Seal and cover all exposed plumbing and return lines to prevent damage and freezing.
  4. Cover It Up
    An automatic pool cover is highly recommended for the fall. Aside from the convenience, it will better shield your pool from harsh weather, falling leaves, and debris. Secure the cover in place according to the instructions to prevent pooling or sagging. For extra protection, you can weigh down the cover with water bags or sandbags
  5. Run a Final Inspection

    Do a final walk around of your pool and equipment before leaving it for the season. Check that everything is unplugged, drained, cleaned, and covered properly. Ensure gates and fences are secure to keep out any unwanted “guests” over the winter.

Following these easy tips for closing your pool in the fall will give you peace of mind all the way through winter. Come spring, you’ll be able to get back to swimming in no time. Here’s to many more seasons of enjoyment in your pool!

Wrapping up

As the fall wreath adorns your door and the crisp Canadian air sets in, it's essential to ensure your swimming pool is well protected. Investing in high-quality pool covers, like Krevco Pool Covers, can provide you with peace of mind and prolong the life of your pool. 

Discover the perfect cover for your pool by exploring Krevco's Pool Covers Collection today!