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PoolBoss Super Tabs (200gm) 6 Kg
PoolBoss Super Tabs (200gm) 6 Kg

PoolBoss Super Tabs (200gm) 6 Kg

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PoolBoss 3 Inch Chlorine Tablets are thicker than other pool chlorine tablets, allowing them to dissolve slower and protect your pool water for longer. These industry-leading chlorine tabs have 90% available stabilized chlorine for long lasting sanitizing power.

  • Three-inch (7 oz/200 gm)concentrated chlorinating tablets are our biggest sellers in the category

  • Individually packaged to protect you

  • 90 percent available chlorine

  • Stabilized with a built-in sunscreen to prevent burn-off caused by ultra-violet rays

  • Simply place the slow-dissolving, three-inch tablets in the pool skimmer or automatic chlorinator.

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PoolBoss Super Tabs (200gm) 6 Kg

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