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Guide to Above-Ground Pools

Guide to Above-Ground Pools

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Each year, we see more and more people turning to above-ground pools rather than in-ground pools for their yards. And it’s easy to see why: Price! But just because above-ground pools cost less doesn’t make them any less enjoyable.

With the new materials in today's above-ground pools, you get a good quality swimming pool for a fraction of the price. It’s an investment in entertainment that lasts; you can take your above-ground pool with you when you move. 

At Krevco Lifestyles Inc., we currently carry Chateau and Revelation Laguna Equator above-ground swimming pools. Shop our selection of above-ground swimming pools designed by brands you can trust. 

Round or oval, big or small, we carry the shape and size you’re looking for. We have the above-ground pool supplies you need and the professionals to install them as well. 

Whether you’re on a budget or looking for a portable solution, we’ve got the perfect pool for you. Make this summer one to remember when you call Krevco Lifestyles Inc. for your above-ground pool.

Family Fun Zone

Love to host backyard hangouts? With an above-ground pool, all your family and friends will want to join in on the fun! The benefits of an above-ground swimming pool include:

  • An instant vacation getaway... without leaving your home. Soak up the sun while you go for a swim in your own yard.

  • Bring your family closer together. Friends and family will be eager to visit whenever you throw a pool party!

  • No expensive cabin to take care of. Make the most of your summer without breaking the bank. 

  • Your children will expend some of their energy, have a great time with friends, and develop good safety habits. Swimming is a great exercise for those of all ages!

    Above-Ground Swimming Pool Equipment Package

    At Krevco Lifestyles Inc., we’re the real deal. We’ll set you up with everything you need to kick off the pool season. Your equipment package includes:

  • Installation DVD
  • Sand filter & 1hp pump 25' cord
  • Filter media for filter
  • Rust-resistant Resin desk ladder
  • Solar blanket that maintains and heats water temperature
  • Vacuum head and hose
  • 8' – 16' telescopic pole
  • Leaf skimmer
  • Backwash hose
  • Accessory hooks
  • Thermometer
  • Test kit
  • Floating chlorinator
  • In-wall skimmer and return

    Everything You Need To Get Started

    What do you need to complete your pool? Don’t worry; we carry all the supplies and accessories you’re looking for. Here’s what we have to offer:


    Above-Ground Pool Kits

    At Krevco Lifestyles Inc., we offer above-ground pool kits. The average cost of supplies ranges from $5,500-$13,000. To add heaters, sanitizers, and more, the average cost increases to $20,000-$40,000.


    Above-Ground Pool Installation

    Thinking about adding an above-ground pool to your backyard? You might be wondering what the installation process looks like.

    At Krevco Lifestyles Inc., we pride ourselves on offering high-quality customer service. Here’s what our installation process looks like:

    1. First, we determine the site of the pool placement.
    2. The customer acquires a permit for pool construction.
    3. Concrete forms and re-bar are set up.
    4. A licenced electrician will set up the grounding of rebar and grounding inspection.
    5. We pour concrete for the pool wall base.
    6. Using a sand cement mix (muck sand), we set up pool walls, and the middle of the pool is hand troweled.
    7. A pool liner is installed, and water is added.
    8. Pool equipment is plumbed in.
    9. Skimmer and face plates are installed.
    10. The system is tested.
    11. Solar blanket and roller are installed (if purchased).
    12. Finally, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about setting up, maintaining, and using your pool.


    Call Today!

    At Krevco Lifestyles Inc., we have plenty of options for you to choose from. Browse our selection, and you’re sure to find the right above-ground pool for your home. Ready to schedule your installation? To speak with one of our pool specialists, call now!

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