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Pool Installation Services In Winnipeg

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                At Krevco Lifestyles, we’re your year-round Gotta Have™ store! We sell, service, and install products that can be enjoyed from summer through winter. 

                With our pool installation and repair services, we ensure your pool stays functional, clean, and fun for everyone.

                At Krevco Lifestyles, we service all brands of hot tubs, swim spas, and swimming pools. Our repair and installation services are available for:

              • In-ground and above-ground swimming pools
              • Hot tubs
              • Swim spas
              • Fireplaces (wood burning, gas, and electric)
              • Wood stoves
              • Pellet stoves
              • Fitness equipment

              • Pool Repairs in Winnipeg

                Your pool is much more than a bowl of water. It’s made up of many working parts that keep the water clean and the temperature perfect. 

                We offer repair services whenever you need to fine-tune your pool equipment. A few essential parts and accessories that we service include:

              • Pool heaters. When you jump into the pool, you want to make sure the water is just right. We carry heaters to ensure your water stays as warm or cool as you like.
              • Chlorinators. Keep harmful chemicals out of your pool with our selection of chlorinators. 
              • Pool filters. No one wants gunk in their pool! Our premium filters keep your water crystal clear.
              • Pumps. Every pool needs a pump to circulate the water and keep it sanitary. We sell and service pool pumps to maintain proper circulation.
              • Accessories. A pool isn’t complete without our selection of high-quality accessories. We’re talking pool lights, nets, winter covers, and liners.

              • Pool Installation Process

                If you’re thinking about adding a pool to your backyard, what will the installation process look like? Here’s an overview of what to expect:

                First, we schedule a site visit or request yard pictures from all directions. We use this as a reference to determine if overhead lines, waterways, neighbouring properties, or slopes will affect the installation. We also determine how to access the yard for excavation. 

                Once we can safely remove all potential problems, the design process begins. Our Sales Team will go over your options with you. We tailor your design based on your wants, needs, and budget. Once we agree on a project design, we can provide an optional third drawing of the project. 

                After the contract is signed and a deposit is made, we move to the permit process. Then, the swimming pool kit is ordered, and we schedule the build dates into our Master Pool Process Schedule. The payment schedule is based on progress payments. 

                Keep in mind that both in-ground and above-ground pools require ground prep or major excavation. The steps vary based on the slope of the land, retaining walls, concrete, or stone. Design choices regarding an in-ground pool can affect the project design and date of completion. 

                Our foreman creates an in-ground dig to drawn specs. Then, our builders use these specs to set up the walls based on your desired height. We consider the height around the yard and future landscaping drainage. 

                Walls are concreted into place and allowed to cure. After that, we run pipes to the pad location of the equipment.  

                The time it takes to finish above-ground bottom prep is similar to that of installing the liner. After the water is added, the final plumbing, gas, and electrical work is done, including the concrete deck. We then install blankets, auto covers, and slides. 

                The process for an above-ground should take a week; with an in-ground, it takes around 2 weeks. But of course, these timelines can change based on the weather or delays in equipment or inspectors.

                Pool Inspection

                Pool inspections are an essential part of every installation. During the installation process, above-ground swimming pools have a concrete ring that requires an inspection before the forms are poured. These timelines can vary based on the inspector’s schedules. 

                In-ground swimming pools take longer to install than above-ground pools. They require inspections along the way from Manitoba Hydro and other utility companies before the project can move to completion. 

                Once the inspection occurs, we can backfill and get ready for the liner installation. The swimming pool bottom is trolled with a special sand mix to create a smooth bottom before water is added to the liner to lock it in place.

                It’s fun to watch the team do this to prevent footprints on the bottom once installed!

                Pool Openings & Closings

                As the seasons change, you know your pool will need some TLC. With our pool opening and closing services, we’ll winterize your swimming pool or get it ready for summer. Our services are available for in-ground and above-ground pools.

                Call Krevco Lifestyles Today!

                Ready to get the ball rolling on your pool project? Make sure your pool is in mint condition with our repair and installation services! You can rely on our speedy repairs and top-notch installations. For further information, call our service line at 204-786-6957.

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