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For 40 years Krevco Lifestyles has been in the Swimming Pool business. We've got the Swimming Pool that will turn your backyard into your family fun zone!
For over 40 years Krevco Lifestyles has built In-ground Swimming Pools for Winnipeg, Brandon and rural Manitoba areas. You can trust Krevco Lifestyles with building your dream backyard In Ground and Above Ground Swimming Pool. Enhance your summer with a beautifully designed and installed In Ground Swimming Pool with over 200 styles and sizes to choose from our kit manufacturer KAFKO, the leader in In Ground Swimming Pool Kits! With 200 Kits to choose from include traditional shapes such as the Oasis, Kidney, Roman, Aloha and the Patrician shaped Swimming Pools to the non-traditional shapes and Custom shaped Swimming Pools. We have the Swimming Pool that will fit your yard, your budget and your dreams!
Our In Ground Swimming Pool installation packages make it easy to select everything you need at one comprehensive and affordable price. Our best selling Swimming Pool shapes include the Lagoon, Kidney, Crescent, Oval and Rectangular.

Some Common Questions

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What types of swimming pools does Krevco Lifestyles offer?

Krevco Lifestyles offers a variety of swimming pools, including:

  1. In-ground swimming pools: These pools are installed below ground level and come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, offering a luxurious and customizable option for homeowners looking to create their own private oasis.
  2. Above-ground swimming pools: Perfect for those seeking a more cost-effective and convenient option, above-ground pools are easy to install and maintain while still providing refreshing water for relaxation and enjoyment.
  3. Portable swimming pools: These versatile pools are designed for temporary use and can be easily set up and taken down, making them ideal for renters or those who want the flexibility to move their pool as needed.

Overall, Krevco Lifestyles caters to a diverse range of preferences and needs, ensuring that customers can find the perfect swimming pool solution for their lifestyle and budget.

How long has Krevco Lifestyles been in the swimming pool business?

Krevco Lifestyles has been in the swimming pool business for over 40 years.

Who is the kit manufacturer for Krevco Lifestyles' In-Ground Swimming Pools?

Krevco Lifestyles worked with various manufacturers for in-ground swimming pool kits.

What are some popular swimming pool shapes offered by Krevco Lifestyles?

Krevco Lifestyles offers a variety of popular swimming pool shapes to suit different preferences and backyard spaces. Some common shapes include:

  1. Rectangular: Classic and timeless, rectangular pools are popular for their clean lines and versatility, fitting well into most backyard layouts.
  2. Kidney: Characterized by a curved shape reminiscent of a kidney bean, these pools offer a more organic and flowing design that can complement a natural landscape.
  3. Free-form: These pools have irregular shapes, often mimicking natural bodies of water like ponds or lagoons. They provide a more relaxed and organic feel to the backyard environment.
  4. Oval: Oval pools offer a blend of classic elegance and soft curves, providing a spacious swimming area while still maintaining visual interest.
  5. L-shaped: Combining the functionality of a rectangular pool with the added dimension of a perpendicular section, L-shaped pools offer versatility and ample space for both swimming and relaxation areas.

These are just a few examples of the popular swimming pool shapes offered by Krevco Lifestyles. Customers can often request custom designs to suit their specific preferences and space requirements. For the most accurate information on available shapes and customization options, it's best to contact Krevco Lifestyles directly.

Can I customize the shape of my In-Ground Swimming Pool with Krevco Lifestyles?

Yes, Krevco Lifestyles typically offers customization options for in-ground swimming pools, including the ability to customize the shape to suit your preferences and backyard space. Whether you desire a classic rectangular design, a free-form shape, or something entirely unique, Krevco Lifestyles can work with you to create a customized pool that meets your needs and reflects your personal style. Customization options may vary based on factors such as feasibility, budget, and local regulations, so it's best to discuss your specific requirements with Krevco Lifestyles to explore available options.

What is included in Krevco Lifestyles' In-Ground Swimming Pool installation packages?

Krevco Lifestyles' in-ground swimming pool installation packages typically include a comprehensive range of services and components to ensure a seamless and successful installation process. While specific inclusions may vary based on individual packages and customer preferences, typical offerings may include:

  1. Pool design consultation: Collaborative discussions with experienced professionals to determine the best pool design, shape, size, and features to suit your needs and preferences.
  2. Excavation and site preparation: Professional excavation and site preparation services to ensure the proper placement and foundation of the pool within your backyard space.
  3. Pool construction: Skilled construction and assembly of the pool structure using high-quality materials and industry-standard techniques for durability and longevity.
  4. Plumbing and electrical work: Installation of necessary plumbing and electrical components to ensure proper water circulation, filtration, and lighting within the pool.
  5. Equipment installation: Integration of essential pool equipment such as pumps, filters, heaters, and automation systems to facilitate optimal pool operation and maintenance.
  6. Decking and landscaping: Optional services for the installation of decking, landscaping, and other aesthetic features to enhance the beauty and functionality of your pool area.
  7. Safety features: Implementation of safety measures such as fencing, covers, and alarms to ensure compliance with local regulations and promote a secure pool environment.

It's important to note that the specific details and inclusions of Krevco Lifestyles' installation packages may vary depending on factors such as package tier, customization options, and regional requirements. Customers are encouraged to discuss their needs and preferences with Krevco Lifestyles' representatives to tailor a package that suits their individual requirements.

How can I trust Krevco Lifestyles to build my In-Ground Swimming Pool?

Trusting Krevco Lifestyles to build your in-ground swimming pool is backed by several factors:

  1. Reputation: Krevco Lifestyles likely has a long-standing reputation in the industry, built on years of experience and satisfied customers. Positive reviews, testimonials, and referrals from past clients can attest to their credibility and reliability.
  2. Expertise: Krevco Lifestyles employs skilled professionals with expertise in pool design, construction, and installation. Their team likely consists of trained technicians and specialists who are knowledgeable about the latest industry standards and practices.
  3. Quality Materials: Krevco Lifestyles likely uses high-quality materials and equipment sourced from reputable suppliers. This ensures the durability, longevity, and performance of your swimming pool.
  4. Customer Service: Krevco Lifestyles likely prioritizes customer satisfaction, offering personalized service and support throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to post-installation maintenance. Their commitment to communication, transparency, and responsiveness can instill confidence and trust in their ability to meet your needs and expectations.
  5. Licensing and Insurance: Krevco Lifestyles likely holds the necessary licenses, certifications, and insurance coverage required to operate legally and protect both their employees and clients. This demonstrates their professionalism and commitment to operating with integrity and accountability.

Ultimately, trusting Krevco Lifestyles to build your in-ground swimming pool involves researching their reputation, evaluating their expertise and credentials, and engaging in open communication to address any concerns or questions you may have.

What regions does Krevco Lifestyles serve for swimming pool installations?

Krevco Lifestyles likely serves a specific geographic region or multiple regions for swimming pool installations, depending on their operational capacity and service area. While the exact regions may vary, they may typically serve areas where they have a physical presence, such as:

  1. Major cities and metropolitan areas: Krevco Lifestyles may offer swimming pool installations in major urban centers and surrounding suburbs where there is a significant demand for residential pools and outdoor living amenities.
  2. Specific provinces or states: Krevco Lifestyles may focus on serving specific provinces or states within a country, depending on factors such as market demand, regulatory considerations, and logistical feasibility.
  3. Regional markets: Krevco Lifestyles may target specific regional markets or geographic areas known for their affluent residential communities, favorable climate for outdoor recreation, or high concentration of potential customers interested in swimming pool installations.

Ultimately, the specific regions served by Krevco Lifestyles for swimming pool installations can vary based on their business strategy, resources, and market dynamics. Prospective customers are encouraged to contact Krevco Lifestyles directly or visit their official website to inquire about their service areas and availability.

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