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In-Ground Pools In Winnipeg

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                          Quality In-Ground Swimming Pools From Krevco Lifestyles

                          On a hot summer day, nothing beats the feeling of jumping into a cool swimming pool! If you’ve always wanted a backyard with a pool, today’s the day to start planning. Leave your pool installation in the hands of our experts at Krevco Lifestyles Inc. 

                          With over 40 years of experience in the swimming pool industry, Krevco Lifestyles is equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you make the right choices. When you’re choosing an in-ground swimming pool, choose Krevco! We’ll turn your backyard into your Family Fun Zone! 

                          Trust in the Quality of Krevco Lifestyles

                          Enhance your summer with a beautifully designed and installed in-ground swimming pool. There are over 200 styles and sizes to choose from. Our kit manufacturer Kafko is an industry leader in In-Ground Swimming Pool Kits. You can trust Krevco Lifestyles Inc. to build your dream backyard in-ground swimming pool. 

                          Our In-Ground Swimming Pool Installation Packages make it easy to select everything you need, all at one comprehensive and affordable price. Our best-selling swimming pool shapes include the Lagoon, Kidney, Crescent, Oval, and Rectangular. With over 70 sizes and shapes of in-ground swimming pools to choose from, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at Krevco Lifestyles Inc. 

                          Cost of In-Ground Pools in Winnipeg

                          A pool is an investment in a future of healthy exercise and family fun; it’s a place for entertaining guests and enjoying the summer sun. Thinking of adding an in-ground pool to your backyard? In Winnipeg, the average cost of installing an in-ground pool is 80k-120k. 

                          To help you with the planning and construction process, here are a few things to consider:

                        • What do you plan to use the pool for? Is it a play centre for the kids and family? Or a way to exercise? Do you plan to use the pool for water aerobics as you get older?
                        • What shape will look best in your yard? Smaller, shallower swimming pools may be better for young children or inexperienced swimmers. If you want to add a deep end, consider a Lazy L or Kidney shape. 
                        • What decorative features do you want to add near the pool? Do you need to leave space for a patio set or play structure in your backyard?

                        • Once you’ve answered these initial questions, you can get a general idea of what you’re looking for. The next step is budgeting for the cost of your pool. 

                          You might be wondering what factors affect the price of your installation. We’re going to cover the various components that determine the cost of inground pools:

                          Size & Shape

                          As you’d expect, larger pools cost more to install. When you shop at Krevco Lifestyles Inc., you’ll have over 70 in-ground pool shapes and sizes to choose from. 

                          Not sure which shape to choose? Rectangular pools are one of the most popular styles; they’re functional, great for limited space, and will never go out of style. If you’re looking for a rounder pool, try the oval, crescent, or lagoon shape. Kidney-shaped pools look great with waterfalls and other decorations. 

                          Keep in mind that for homes in Winnipeg, Manitoba, your pool must have a 5-foot (1.52m) setback from the water’s edge to the property line.

                          Pool Equipment

                          Once the installation project is complete, you’ll also need to purchase pool equipment and water features, including:

                        • Chemicals and filters
                        • Cleaners
                        • A pool cover
                        • Thermostat 
                        • Ladder
                        • Underwater lights
                        • Pool pump
                        • Pool heater

                        • Additional Costs

                          Is your pool ready to go? Even once it’s all said and done, you might feel inspired to decorate the rest of your backyard, too. Extra costs you may need to budget for include:

                        • Patio furniture
                        • Landscaping
                        • Rock formations
                        • A waterfall
                        • Pool slide

                        • Create a space where the whole family can relax, exercise, and have fun with a swimming pool! We hope this breakdown helps you determine the total cost of your in-ground pool. If you’re looking for a more detailed quote, we can help with that.

                          At Krevco Lifestyles Inc., we have over 40 years of experience installing swimming pools in Winnipeg, MB, and the surrounding areas. You can trust us to give your backyard a total transformation! 

                          Whether you’re looking for an in-ground pool or a hot tub, we’ve got you covered. Ready to plan your in-ground pool installation? Call Krevco Lifestyles Inc. today!

                          For a complete listing, visit your local Krevco Lifestyles store or Call 1-800-665-1411.

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