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Krevco Lifestyles - Your Year Round Gotta Have Store

We would love to hear your feedback, if you wish to have your Krevco Lifestyles experience published on our testimonials page


"We just left your Berry Street location as new owners of a hot tub!!!

My husband and I bought a hot tub in 2007 from Arctic Spa which we used almost on a daily basis. Arctic Spa was good to us and when we had to move from Darlingford, to Arborg, then Arborg to Teulon, Arctic Spa continued its amazing service to and for our Hot Tub.

Unfortunately, when we sold our house in Teulon to move back to Morden, the buyers insisted we include the tub in the sale. That made us sad and we vowed when we were settled in our new Morden home we would check out Arctic Spa for next Hot tub. Well 2 years later we are ready! We were at Corn and Apple Festival this past August and saw Krevco's amazing display. Daryl approached us about our interest in a hot tub. The display helped with Daryl's presentation and sales pitch. Daryl was friendly and answered all of our questions and more. That weekend didn't work for us to make a purchase. However, Daryl continued to keep us included the 'Krevco' loop. I then received Krevco's email regarding their 70% inventory clearance sale. We came into the city last night and were in the store shortly after opening. Daryl recognized us and along with ALL your eager staff greeted us. Daryl knew what we were interested in and....we have a NEW HOT TUB! I shared with Daryl that had he not been at Corn and Apple, we would not have probably thought of going to Krevco. We had always imagined going back to Arctic Spa.

THANK YOU, Daryl!!!!!

THANK YOU, Krevco!

We are sending all our friends YOUR way!

Karen and Lory Wowk

"In the fall of 2012, after much careful deliberation, we decided we needed an above ground pool to complete our back yard summer retreat. Going with Krevco was a no-brainer as our previous property had an already existing Krevco pool and we had nothing but great experiences with them as we learned the ins and outs of being pool people (the 1 big regret re: moving was leaving behind our pool). The whole experience of obtaining a pool for our new property was delightful from start to finish ... Shannon was so knowledgeable as she guided us through the vast choices available (round vs oval, big vs little, liner styles, etc etc etc); Keith was so careful as he leveled the site and Jeff was the best project manager ever - so very patient and always available to answer all our questions. Leonard and his crew were ultimate professionals throughout the actual installation which went quickly and smoothly - within a month of placing the work order we were swimming in our gorgeous new pool! It took 2 years to finally get the deck completed (due to factors beyond our control) but it's now the retreat we wanted and we couldn't be happier. Krevco's entire staff is to be commended for their unfailing friendly service throughout our experience with them ... with special thanks to Shannon for constantly going out of her way to give us the best pool ownership experience possible!"

Sandy & Erik Luczak

Richard and Chad,
"Thanks to you and your team for a wonderful job on the install (Swimming Pool). We are all very pleased with the product and the service. If you need any referrals please do not hesitate to call me. Your team were all very professional, courteous and hard working. These guys should make you proud of your company and it's products.

I hope you have a wonderful summer, I know we will."

Tom Tonner


"Just want to thank you very much for all your help in getting and installing our gas fireplace. We were very impressed with the whole process. The installers were great people. The fireplace passed the government check as well. We certainly will recommend Krevco and you Mike.

Thanks again Mike. You were really great to do business with."

Lynn & Ray Crouse

"We would like to express our gratitude for the great attitude and willingness to help that Krevco and their employees displayed after we purchased our hot tub. Everyone was so kind, considerate and helpful we feel fortunate that we are dealing with someone who made this purchase so smooth and easy. The men who delivered the tub had a great attitude even though they should probably have had a little more help in getting our tub to the back of the house and through a narrow doorway into our sunroom. Even so, they helped us with taking off the door and putting it back on and remained pleasant and cheerful through it all! The next day after the tub was delivered I needed to turn the tub inside the sunroom in order to hook up the power supply. I called Krevco and placed a short timeline on wanting to get the tub hooked up, Krevco office staff could not find anyone to turn the tub so three office staff came out themselves, with cardboard so they wouldn't scratch the floor, to turn the tub so I could hook up the power. Then when I cancelled the service to get the tub going the next day, Jazz had a super attitude and a willingness to accommodate me on my new schedule!! Our experience with Krevco is that they are positive with a helpful attitude! Thank you to all the super staff at Krevco! It has been a wonderful experience for us!"

- David Klassen

"Just want to pass on a BRAVO ZULU and Kudos to service technician MARIO, he is amazing!! The man always shows up with a huge smile on his face and nothing seems to phase him. Very kind and courteous and for some reason apologetic (it's not his fault the tub broke down). He remembers our names as he steps out from the van with a big hand shake. Even when it is extremely hot and humid his is very pleasant. A BIG THANKS "MARIO". Don't take it personal but I hope I don't have to see "HERE" again, at the store is great."

- Steve Sagriff


"Just a quick note to give kudos to your staff.

I was at your Berry street store today and had a great customer experience. I needed a coupler installed on my pool pump hose and Tess ( I believe was her name ) was excellent. Warm and prompt. I asked her if they could install the part and she said no problem and got it done. Another person ( a more senior and eloquent gentleman ) at the counter was warm and helpful as well.

When I got home and went to install the hose I saw one of the o rings was missing. As I live in Birds Hill I just stopped into your store close me to buy one and the lady there ( I'm sorry I never got her name ) said no charge as I had it into your other store. I was totally prepared to pay for it but she insisted, not that the cost was an issue obviously, but she wanted to be sure I was happy, which I was. I just left your store within the last hour so I thought I should send a note.

I have spent lots of time in the retail business as General Manager for a Birchwood group store and later and as an operating partner in another store and I know these customer service positions can be taxing on people. They need to know when they over deliver which is clearly a reflection on you Don as the owner of the store.

As a side bar, prior to going to your Berry street store I went to another pool store in the area close to me. They could not do the job for me and would only sell me the parts. I needed someone to do the job. Your people did that. We do organizational development work with many companies, so I see the good and the bad. We get involved with human capital finding ways to help companies get better. Certainly nice to see a company like yours doing the front line stuff right.

Congratulations to you and your team!"

Dave Corbett
Vice President
Corporate Development
WorkSystems Canada"

"Just wanted to let you know the tread climber is working perfect. Aaron has been using it every day and I have finally recovered from my fall and went on for the first time today. Geeeze what a difference from the first tread climber. I think the messed up pistons might have been a contributing factor to all the problems we were having??????

Anyways, just wanted to thank you again for all your patience and help. You went out of your way to help us and you hardly ever see that type of customer service with businesses anymore. Bravo!!!

P.S. Please pass this note on to your management. Positive feedback should be heard:)"

"Don....A HUGE shout out to CASANDRA and her service team.....also MARIO and Daryl.Your Group of Professionals recognized that my wife and I were seriously under the gun in that we had sold our house June 15th possession date but we discovered a hot tub leak. Closing of the sale was in jeopardy until we could get the leak issue resolved..job done.

Service Quality is an essential component to all retail environments and your Team has bought into your the concept that service is what will distance your operation from your competitors and thereby secure jobs. I am generating this e/mail from my hotel room as my wife and I are on the way to our retirement residence in Ontario knowing that the June closing date is protected.I have been a loyal customer of Krevco for 20 years and you have paid back our loyalty in spades. Well done all."

Jim & Lois Gillespie.

Dear Mr. Carson:

"My husband and I have two large, 12 person hot tubs both purchased in the late 1980's. One is at our lake cottage in Lake of the Woods and the other is at our house in Winnipeg.

Your excellent "Service Team" has taken unbelievable care of us and our ancient hot tubs. There were many challenging situations and they came through for us each time, on time and always delivering great "Customer Service".

Especially, we wish to praise your Service Manager Sale, your on the phone team Les and Mike and the service technician (a hard working, dependable and smart person) Mike. We have had only the best experiences and if you ever need someone to sing your praises, we would be glad to do that."

Wayne and Donna Van Horne

"Thanks once again Jeff for your incredible support in my first year as a new pool owner. You surpassed all expectations and I can't thank you enough. There are so many things on a pool that until you own one you would never know. Say sorry to your wife from me for those evening and weekend calls as well. I feel I've been trained by the best and will recommend Krevco to anyone I can."

Kyle Loutchan,
Minnewasta Motors Ltd.
Owner/General Manager

To Don Carson, President & CEO, Krevco
"I would like to comment on the excellent service I received on Saturday Aug 25, 2012 at your Service Dept on 700 Berry Street.

I needed to repair, but ended up replacing my inground pool pump. I received excellent and expert service from the staff in your department.

We live in St Vital and bring our pool and hot tub water samples in to the St Anne's location and receive excellent service from the staff at that location.

We wanted to let you know we do promote your company because of the people working there."

Thank you
Robert & Diane Gagnon

Dear Mr. Carson,

"I thought I could take the time out of my day to pass on a kudos to your staff at 596 St.Anne’s Rd. Paulo and Sharon. ! Every single time we go in to the store to either get product or get the water tested these 2 employees do such an excellent job and are so helpful to us. Very polite and very willing to help ! Now a days that is something that some of these other business lack, courtesy, knowledge and great customer service/personal skills . ! !

Even though Krevco is a little further from our home (Oasis is closer to our residence), but we do drive the extra distance because we like the people and the service at Krevco on St.Anne's Rd.

Keep up the good work, and let them know that they got a kudos and because of them we will continue to go to their location."

M Dufault

Hi Mr. Carson,

"Recently I was in the market for a Blaze King Stove. My good friend owns a fire-place business and I spoke to him about a purchase. Before I closed the deal, I thought tht I should check with Krevco. When I went to Krevco, Dustin Parker met with me. His advice on how to install the stove in my situation was far superior! Also, he gave me a quote in a very timely fashion and I purchased through your company.

I would recommend Krevco and Dustin to anyone. He was a pleasure to deal with - friendly, helpful, competent. You have a great employee and his wonderful service moved me to drop you a note."

Dr. George McMaster, BSc (Hons), MA, PhD (Professor)
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Brandon University

"The staff at Krevco were all extremely patient and very helpful. They made the set up and learning experience a breeze, with purchasing our first hot tub.The staff was knowledgable and the quality of the products were above my expectations, customer support was easy as a phone call. When I buy my next hot tub, I will definetely turn to Krevco, as they made the experience, more enjoyable and less stressful. I feel with the experienced staff and awesome suppport received, I have a product that will last us for many years, and we can enjoy.

Great Job Krevco Brandon store! Thanks to all"

John Puhach, McCreary, Manitoba


"I would just like to let you know that my recent purchase at your store with John Bellino was a great one. I have definitely been WOWED! He went out of his way to help my family with the purchase of our new pool.

I try and teach my children the value of good service and my 10 year old daughter even suggested that we purchase from your store because the sales person was so nice.

I promise to recommend your store and John anytime I hear someone shopping for a pool or hot tub in the future.

Thanks again for all the help in assisting us with our new pool."

Jo-Ann and Lester Bates

"We purchased and had installed a pool with Krevco last summer – and what an incredible summer for first time pool owners!

We cannot say enough positive comments about working with Chad Kozody, our Sales Representative. Chad was extremely customer oriented and provided a very high quality of service. He was very responsive and probably his best trait was his honesty and integrity – exactly what you would want from a salesperson when making a large dollar investment. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Chad to anyone considering purchasing a pool or for that matter anything from Krevco.

Leonard and his installation team were also very professional, customer oriented and really know their stuff when it comes to installing a pool. They were quick, efficient, and once completed the yard was very clean.

We deal with Sharon and Paulo in St. Vital for our pool accessories, chemicals, water monitoring, and overall advice. You couldn’t ask for a better team of knowledgeable service oriented individuals – and you certainly couldn’t ask for friendlier people. Going to the St. Vital Krevco is going for a visit with friends.

If you are like us and have dreamed of owning a pool but have put it off –don’t! Life is short so enjoy your dream and make sure you consider partnering with Krevco! We did and we would do it again in a heartbeat! "

Rick and Ginette

"Just wanted to thank you for thinking of us this Christmas. The gift certificate was so thoughtful. Just wanted to say that we enjoyed working with your crew this summer. Very professional and seemed very happy to work together. Quite the team. Thanks again. We really are pleased with the final product. Now, Brad just has to finish some landscaping."

Thanks again and Merry Christmas.
Brad and Marie Sawyer

"This is just a short email to tell you how positive our experience was in purchasing our new hot tub at your St. Anne Road store in October 2011. Our salesperson was Paulo and frankly, we cannot say enough good things about him. Paulo was extremely knowledgeable about the various hot tubs available for us to choose from and assisted us in making the best choice we possibly could. It took us a few weeks to do our research , including checking out both Oasis and Aquatech, but in the end, we kept returning to Paulo and eventually purchased our hot tub from him. Our reason for purchasing from Krevco was mainly related to the excellent service provided by Paulo – we felt that he was the most knowledgeable of all the salespeople we spoke to, and he certainly was the most pleasant to deal with: patient, not pushy, and genuinely interested in meeting our needs. We absolutely love our hot tub and have used it pretty much every single day since it was installed. Not only did we purchase our hot tub from Krevco, but we will purchase all of our chemicals there as well as Paulo continues to provide excellent post-sales service to us. Great job Krevco, we will be recommending you to everyone we know!"

Joelle, Nicollette, and André


"I just wanted to thank you again as you helped take away some stress so I could focus on my family. The hot tub arrived as planned and all is well.

I would also like to take a moment to note that Chad was an outstanding sales representative to deal with. He saw to all our needs, was fantastic to deal with and ensured that we were happy with our purchase. Please note his exceptional performance. I won't hesitate to suggest Krevco to others."

Jay Ewert

Good morning Mr. Carson,

"We recently purchased an above ground pool from your company. After a bit of a rocky start due to promises made by a salesperson that he apparently had no right to promise, our installation proceeded last week.

We are in the Installation/Customer Service industry ourselves and know very well how incredibly important your front line staff can be for your business. As well, my husband may just be one of the most particular individuals you may ever meet. Having said that, we cannot express enough how impressed we were with your installation staff. They were incredibly professional and worked EXTREMELY hard. In particular, Lance, Leonard and Leon impressed us with their work ethic and their customer service! If all of your staff work this hard, you are incredibly fortunate.

Too often people will take the time to complain but not take the time to thank for a job well done. We have been extremely pleased with the installation thus far and look forward to enjoying our pool once all is delivered and installed."

Laurence and Elizabeth Rosenberg

"Dear Mr. Carson:

"Too often customers will take the time to complain about service when the workmanship is poor or incomplete but they fail to recognize excellence or exemplary service. This is one of those exceptions where I felt compelled to write this letter identifying the exemplary service that we received from all of the employees at Krevco.

This year our pool liner was in need of replacement, and we were not only faced with the challenge of the remedial work that needed to be performed on our pool but we faced the challenge of finding a professional pool company that we could trust to get the work done promptly, professionally, economically, and one willing to work within the time constraints of two very busy work schedules. That company was Krevco.

Let me start with Ike, who was so kind, polite, and accommodating, in taking our order, answering a multitude of questions, arranging for a prompt assessment and estimate date, and finally alerting us to the fact that there were upcoming sales events which would help us in reducing the overall cost of the project. Ike may not have been aware of it at the time, but this initial introduction to Krevco helped seal the deal so to speak convincing us that Krevco was the company that we wanted to enter into a contract with. We were both so impressed with Ike’s honesty and integrity.

Shortly thereafter, we were contacted by Mike, your sales associate, who always kept us apprised of when he would be coming to the house to conduct his assessments, working within our busy time tables, never missing an appointment or arriving late. He made many good suggestions on how we could improve the functionality of the pool and again was the consummate professional in keeping us apprised of when the work was about to begin. Although we expected to wait until July or even August to have the liner replaced, we were very surprised to learn that barring any unforeseen problems, we may have a fully functional pool as early as May. Both Mike and Jordan attended to the property as planned, taking all of the appropriate measurements, answering all of my questions, and taking the time to discuss other products that Krevco had available, which would improve the overall efficiency of our pool. With schedules as busy as ours, it was nice to see that an appointment made was an appointment kept, employees who always arrived on time, and that the service provided was kind, courteous and respectful. Gates were always closed, as with having many young children in the neighbourhood, safety is a huge concern.

The work began in our yard last week, with many neighbours impressing upon us just how hard the guys were working, how early they got started and how late they stayed, and just how clean the workmen were keeping our driveway and our yard. David, what can I say about David, we always received a phone call each morning around 6:45 a.m. – 7:15 a.m. advising us whether the team of David, Quinn and Joe would or would not be attending to the property as a result of all the bad weather we had been having over the past couple of weeks. Once again, with my concern for safety, this allowed me to keep the gates locked when I knew they would not be attending to the property. David, Quinn, and Joe were extremely hard working and you could tell that they worked to a standard of excellence I had not seen in the past. The sod removed to run new pool lines was neatly saved on old pieces of pool liner, so as to not destroy or damage the surrounding grass or landscaping. They ran the new pool lines around my landscaping, to minimize the damage caused to the yard and in the end nobody could tell that the yard had been disturbed, as many of our neighbours were anxious to see the finished product. The attention to detail amazed me, as they ensured that every little piece of aggregate was raked up from the lawn and every piece of debris was carefully removed. The new pool liner looks beautiful, as does the newly poured concrete pad which houses the pool pump and filtration system. Although we were not home for most of the liner installation, it is nice to feel confident that this same attention to detail went into the liner installation; the pool has never looked this good.

In closing Mr. Carson, you should be so proud that you have a team of employees that work so tirelessly in making Krevco, in our opinion, the only company that we will ever deal with in future on any pool related issues. It was amazing to watch the attention given to the smallest detail, ensuring customer satisfaction at every level of the organization. It was a pleasure getting to know all of your employees, and to watch how tirelessly David, Quinn, and Joe worked in giving us a product that we could be so proud to come home to every night. It was an absolute pleasure and we extend our sincerest appreciation to you and the employees at Krevco who worked so tirelessly in making this happen."

Brenda & Gerry Cox

Sunday May 1st, 2011

"Richard, we just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for resolving our Hot Tub concerns/issues.

It is great to see a company follow through completely in all details when a customer raises concerns and the manner in which our Cover and Cover Lifter replacement was addressed without much question was greatly appreciated.

We also wanted to say your Service Techs that visited our home were extremely helpful and knowledgeable in addressing our LED light issue as well as our Stereo concerns."

Great Job Krevco Team!

Mike and Erinn

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