Winter Spa Tips

We hope you're staying warm in your Master Spas Hot tub. We want to offer you some winter spa maintenance & care tips.

Master Spas uses the best insulation possible, but it’s important that you follow some seasonal procedures

  • We recommend that you have a space heater or two on hand to put in the skirt of your tub if something stops working to keep the lines from freezing while you wait for a service tech to arrive.
  • You’ll need to change your filtration cycle timing on your tub seasonally on your own. The manual can explain how to do this but generally you filter less in the heat of the summer and more often in the cold of the winter. The factory settings can be adjusted easily from the Top control as they do not adjust on their own.
  • Check your manual as you’ll want to look up how to set your tub filtration. The heating mode should be set at standard or ready. Always make sure that a user hasn’t accidentally set the heating to eco mode, sleep mode or rest, especially in the winter.

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    • Filters/Covers
      • Filters: Make sure filters are regularly maintained, cleaned, or changed, and that you consider changing the water in the Tub in the fall and spring (every 6 months). Remember the EcoPur Charge filters get tossed every 6-10 months and replaced with new ones while the outside filters should be cleaned and rotated with new ones regularly. We do recommend cleaning your White Pleated filters in a filter cleanse product, and your EcoPur Charge Filter gets cleaned by running it under warm tap water.
      • Covers:  It’s important for you to remove the excess snow off the cover in the winter. Be careful not to rip the surface with a sharp edge! Piercing the surface can shorten the life of your cover.
    • Water chemistry: It’s very important that you drop by with a water sample as much as possible for our free testing service. We can let you know what to add and how to properly balance your water.  When the water is changed, we do recommend a flushing product every season to help clean out all the water lines before the refill. Follow procedures on the product you purchase
    • Hot tub accessories like spavac's, skimmers, cleaning pads, spa Mitts for surface cleaning, spa filter brushes to get into the filter panels,  all can make your maintenance routine easier .


    We have a referral program for our happy customers that we want to share with you. We’re offering a $100 in store credit for hot tub referrals and a $250 credit for swim spa referrals. Please have the referred customer mention your name when they come in to see one of our sales professionals. Once we verify your customer number and the new customer buys, we will add a credit to your account for future purchases

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