Hot Tub and Spa Closings

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Allow our professional service technicians to close your Hot Tub or Swim Spa for the Winter months.

Prices starting at $399, For Swim Spas Please add $150

View our checklist below for services included in our basic and ultimate packages. Book your Hot Tub closing with us today by visiting one of our locations or phone us at 204-786-6957


Hot Tub & Swim Spa Closings

• Shut off power to Hot Tub/Swim Spa, including all breaker(s) and / or switch
• Use utility pump to start draining Hot Tub
• Close all valves - disconnect unions to equipment
• Remove drain plug(s) from pump(s)
• Remove filters and any accessories associated with skimmer
• When draining is complete, remove utility pump
• Pressure canister filter (under Hot Tub with equipment)
• Open all valves
• Open and/or remove all adjustable jets
• Remove drain plug from canister, when empty remove filter and re-install
• Remove drain suction cover(s)
• Using wet/dry vacuum, vacuum remaining water from Hot Tub/Swim Spa
• Add anti-freeze to jets and suctions
• Re-Connect unions to Hot Tub equipment
• Vacuum and discharge lines at equipment
• Vacuum each jet and suction drain
• Cover Hot Tub/Swim Spa to prevent snow/rain from entering the Hot Tub/Swim Spa
• Anti-Freeze included



Krevco Lifestyles evacuates the lines and applies winterizing chemicals as a means of preventative maintenance for the winter season. However, many factors beyond the closing process (i.e. length of closure, attentions to the pool during closure, weather, etc.) may result in freezing and/or greening of pool water or staining of pool surfaces. Because these factors are beyond our control, Krevco Lifestyles cannot guarantee against freeze damage, staining or greening of the pool water at opening.


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