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Above Ground Pool Closings
Above Ground Pool Closings
Above Ground Pool Closings
Above Ground Pool Closings

Above Ground Pool Closings

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Remember to do these items before we show up:

  • Have your garden hose out for us to use and make sure any inside water valve is turned on
  • Bring out all the pool equipment for us to setup and provide access to the pool
  • Balance water

Prices starting at $229

View our checklist below for services included in our basic and deluxe packages. Book your pool closing with us today by visiting one of our locations by phone 204-786-6957 or by requesting a quote below.

Above Ground Pool Closings

Basic Deluxe
• Test water (pH & Chlorine
• Winterize Heater
• Winterize Filter
• Winterize Slide
• Winterize Chlorinator
• Remove ladder - 2 parts
• Remove light and place on pool deck (if applicable)
• Add anti-freeze to skimmer
• Remove basket from skimmer, place parts in basket
• Remove Cartridge filter
• Remove drain plug(s) from pump
• Remove basket from pump
• Remove drain plug from filter
• Turn off gas
• Blow lines
• Install foam rope
• Plug returns
• Remove solar plugs
• Open drain plugs (gas or electric heater)
• Remove salt cell and UV system customer to store indoors
• Remove eyeballs
• Disconnect pressure switch (gas or electric heater)
• Vacuum all water out of skimmer
• Lower water level  
• Remove and rinse Solar cover  
• Fill water bags (if needed)  
• Install Winter Cover/Safety Cover  

Krevco Lifestyles evacuates the lines and applies winterizing chemicals as a means of preventative maintenance for the winter season. However, many factors beyond the closing process (i.e. length of closure, attentions to the pool during closure, weather, etc.) may result in freezing and/or greening of pool water or staining of pool surfaces. Because these factors are beyond our control, Krevco Lifestyles cannot guarantee against freeze damage, staining or greening of the pool water at opening.


Instand Financing Available Get Approved In Less That 5 Minutes

Above Ground Pool Closings

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