SolarTouch Automatic Controller Kit

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SolarTouch Automatic Controller Kit

The question is ofter asked..."Do I need an auto controller?"

We are often asked this question when speaking with people about the Enersol Solar Pool Heaters. Our answer is YES!!! Using a manual valve would seem simple; you turn the 3-way valve on to supply the water to the solar panels when the sun is out and turn the valve off when solar heat is not available. Most of the time you are leaving for work before the Sun hits the panels and coming home long after the Sun has left the panels. Then there are the weekends when you are away, do you leave them on or off? How about partially cloudy days etc.

With the Auto Controller all the guess work is removed! The Auto Controller will divert the water to the solar panels when there is enough Solar energy to capture and turn it off when there are no more solar gains to be had. You can also set the controller to cool the pool if it gets warmer than the maximum set temperature.

Another added benefit is that the solar panels are still able to draw heat from the roof for 3–4 hours after the sun has left the panels. You can rest assured that the Auto Controller is doing the best possible job to maximize the solar energy to heat your swimming pool.


  • Digital calibration of water andd solar temperature in one degree increments
  • Integrates with IntelliFlo® and IntelliPro® Variable Speed pumps
  • Set pool temperatures and solar temperature differentials with the touch of a button
  • Solar valve automatically drains the solar collectors when pump shuts off
  • Durable PTFE seal is maintenance-free for years of dependable service
  • LCD display provides sharp, clear readings
  • LED indicator lights confirm SolarTouch is working. Service indicator LED shows when attention is required
  • Motorized valve actuator is built to last with sturdy steel gears; highly efficient low-voltage motor; service switch for flow direction
  • Weatherproof composite enclosure
  • Nocturnal cooling and recirculation freeze protection with filter-pump timer override

The standard automatic solar pool heating controller kit contains:

  • 1pc - Pentair SolarTouch controller
  • 1pc - 3-way valve (2in. ports without check valve)
  • 1pc - Pentair Compool 180 deg. rotation 24VAC actuator
  • 1pc - roof sensor
  • 1pc - water sensor

In addition to the items included in the standard kit we add the following to aid in the installation:

  • 1pc - power cord with plug (9ft. long)
  • 25 metres (80ft) sensor wire to connect to the roof sensor
  • 3pc - 2" to 1.5" reducers bushings for systems with 1.5" plumbing

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