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Natural Chemistry Phosfree

Zero Phosphates, Zero Problems!

PHOSfree is formulated from lanthanum (rare earth) compounds. When added to your skimmer, a thin coating of PHOSfree forms on the filter media. As pool water flows through the filter, phosphates are reduced to very low levels. All other phosphate products will cloud pool water! Natural Chemistry's complete phosphate program results in clear perfect water, no waterline rings, no unpleasant odors, and no phosphates.

Directions for use:

1.  If pool has algae, follow dealer instructions to treat

2.  Follow dealer instructions to balance water chemically

3.  Clean or backwash filter, if necessary

4.  Determine required PHOSfree dosage from chart

Dosage Chart

Dose per 10,000 gallons (38,000L)

Phosphate Level               PHOSfree Dosage

300ppb or less                    0.5L or 16oz

600ppb                               1L or 32oz

900ppb                               1.5L or 48oz

Note: It is recommended that you have your water tested by your dealer who can accurately measure your pool phosphate level

5.  With filter running, shake bottle well, and add required dose directly to the skimmer

Note: If DE filter pressure rises above normal range, bump filter per manufacturer's instructions and restart. Repeat until pressure stays in normal range

6.  Run filter 8 hours/day for one week or 48 hours continuously without backwashing or cleaning. When phosphate levels are 100ppb or less, begin maintenance with a weekly dose of: Pool Perfect+PHOSfree

Weekly Maintenance Dosage

1 cap (4oz) per 8,000 gallons (30,000L)

PHOSfree is designed to remove phosphates through filtration by applying a coating to the filter media. Depending on the phosphate level, more than one dose may be required. 

Important: Do not add more than 1L (32oz) within a 48 hour period. 

Important: Algae must be treated first, prior to testing and lowering phosphates. Chlorine must be under 5ppm before testing phosphates.

  • Color is that of weak skim milk. Some may be off white and may have sediment chunks. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING!
  • Product not affected by high levels of sanitizer
  • Can swim immediately after use.

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