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Napoleon's most popular gas burning stove, the Knightsbridge™ is always in demand thanks to its solid performance and impressive efficiency at heating. A hand-painted PHAZER® log set is engulfed in YELLOW DANCING FLAMES® thanks to the advanced burner system. This produces copious amounts of comfortable heat and light, perfect for any space. An anti-condensation switch controls the pilot usage for installations in cold climates and the electronic ignition features a battery backup to ensure heat and light even if the power goes out. A large viewing area and sophisticated Porcelain Enamel Majolica Brown finish ensure the Knightsbridge™ gas burning stove remains Napoleon's number one.


  • WARRANTY : Lifetime *
  • BTU'S : 35,000
  • FUEL TYPE : Natural Gas


  • HEIGHT : 37in(94cm)
  • WIDTH : 27in(68.60cm)
  • DEPTH : 19.50in(49.50cm)

Full List of Features

  • Up to 35,000 BTU's
  • Majolica Brown
  • Heat radiating ceramic glass
  • Presidents limited lifetime warranty
  • Safety screen
  • ACS (Anti-Condensation Switch)
  • Flame/Heat adjustment
  • 100% SAFE GUARD™ gas control system

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