You’ve just purchased a new hot tub, and now you’re considering where it should sit, what view you will have, and what your hot tub base options are. Before preparing your site for the installation, it’s important to remember that the weight of the hot tub will need a strong base to support it. 

You may have heard about the fad surrounding hot tub pads and their effectiveness, but it’s important to go over all your options. 

Before we get into why hot tub pads are an excellent choice, let’s go over the potential options for a hot tub base:

Hot Tub Base Options


A concrete pad is probably the most common choice for a hot tub base. Concrete slabs are easy to clean and provide a simple and elegant look for the hot tub placement. They are also fairly inexpensive, durable, and long-lasting. 

Once the pavers have completed the concrete base, you won’t need to worry about it for a while. However, over time a concrete pad can deteriorate, crack, chip, or fall apart. If you ever wanted to move your hot tub, you’d be stuck with a random concrete slab in the middle of your backyard. 

While concrete hot tub bases are a safe bet and provide a sufficient base that’s strong enough to support the weight of a hot tub, you’ll need to ensure you have a well-excavated area or a big enough patio for your hot tub. When creating the base, cover the bottom of the pit with sand, and pour the right amount of concrete overtop. It’s not a long process when done correctly. 


A gravel hot tub base is a low-cost and efficient option for those looking for the best hot tub base possible. While gravel has the ability to drain water, you have to ensure you have the best possible location for it. 

The process requires a lot of work. You must consider the ground space your hot tub will need, dig a deep enough pit, and ensure the bottom is at a level surface. You will then need to line the bottom with landscape cloth and start by filling it with medium-grade gravel. Top it off with pea gravel and rake until you have a smooth surface.


A deck base for your hot tub can provide comfortable footing when stepping in or out of the tub, and it also looks fantastic. However, the biggest problem with decking is that it isn’t known for its long lifespan. If the deck is attached to your home, you may also experience the loud noise and vibrations from the spa pump. 

If you’re planning on adding the hot tub to an existing deck, you’ll want to take into account the age of your deck. You don’t want to place your hot tub on a faulty base. If you’re looking to build a deck from scratch that includes a place for your hot tub, it will cost a lot of time, work, and money. 

As you can see, these options can provide your hot tub with a spectacular look and design, but they require a lot of work and money.

If only there were a more efficient option…

EZ Pads

Our EZ pads in Canada don’t require the need of contractors, concrete pours, deck building, or permits. They are a convenient and cost-effective solution for all spa, hot tub, and patio installations.

EZ pads provide a solid level foundation for your hot tub that’s made of high-density polyethylene plastic. They are chemical and mildew-resistant and built to thwart the risk of slipping. The best part? They’re maintenance-free and engineered to withstand extreme temperatures. 

Advantages of EZ Pads

Our state-of-the-art EZ pads outperform a number of competing hot tub foundation options. They provide a variety of exclusive advantages, such as:

  • Available in 8’ x 16’ and 12’ x 12’ sizes
  • Time-efficient and cost-effective 
  • EZ pads can be placed on grass, dirt, sand, or gravel 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable and easy to level

Look to your Winnipeg pool company for the best option when it comes to hot tub pads. Quality is of great importance to us at Krevco Lifestyles Inc. We provide services and installations for quality hot tubs, and our EZ pads have become a favourite among Winnipeggers. Contact us today and let the relaxation begin.