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Electrical Service & Gas Fireplace Service Offering

Electrical Service & Gas Fireplace Service Offering

  • by Don Carson

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday fastly approaching, the last thing you want to deal with is an electrical issue or problem with your gas fireplace. There’s nothing quite like relaxing and taking some time for yourself, especially during the cold days ahead.

What if we told you we could help keep you warm and comfortable all winter?

With our electricity services and gas fireplace services, we can ensure you won’t have to shed a worry in the world. No more trials and tribulations over maintaining your electrical components or gas fireplace. We can provide optimal electrical services to keep things running beautifully. 

Our Electrical Services 

Looking for fully reliable electrical services in Winnipeg? Contact us! Our team can help with the electrical components that may be on the fritz. But it doesn’t stop there. We can also assist with residential electrical needs. Why? Because we have a team of versatile professionals.

We have the skill and know-how to get the job done if you require electrical services for your garage, outlet plugs, rec room writing, and more. Furthermore, we can also assist with wiring your new hot tub, swim spa or pool. 

Why You May Want Our Electrical Services

Imagine this: You just got home from a long shift. You’re exhausted and looking forward to decompressing. You sit back in your favourite chair and realize the lights aren't working. 

Have you ever tried to wire lights on your own? Things can get really dangerous—fast. Our specialists understand how to wire and set everything up safely and quickly.

Whatever the problem may be, our team can correct it. The problems can extend to the backyard as well. Damaged or loose wiring is one of the most common hot tub issues. If you need help installing and wiring your new tub or pool, you won’t have to go at it alone. We can provide electrical services for all aspects of your home—everything from pools to rec room lighting. We can do it all. 

Our Gas Fireplace Services 

What better way to cap off the night than sitting by your gas fireplace? Once you’re done soaking in the hot tub or enjoying your time in your indoor pool, cozying up with your family and loved ones by a fire sounds like a good time, right? 

Our team can provide fireplace services, whether you’re looking to install, remove your old fireplace, or find a solution for an issue. Whatever your service request, you can count on us to help. 

Why You May Want Our Gas Fireplace Services

The last thing you want is to turn on your fireplace, sit back, and watch nothing happen. Talk about a mood killer! A pilot light that’s not lighting is usually the most common problem people experience with their gas fireplace. While you can try fixing this issue on your own, the issue could be more severe, such as moisture in the gas line. That’s where a certified technician comes in. 

If you want to replace your outdated fireplace with a modern gas model, you may wonder how you can make the switch as easy as possible. The answer: Our team at Krevco Lifestyles Inc. We can safely remove and discard your old fireplace and expertly install a new gas fireplace for your comfort and pleasure.


Are you looking for all-things hot tubs, pools, and swim spas? Contact Krevco Lifestyles in Winnipeg. There’s a reason we’re rated number one in the city—we provide customers with incredible value and top-tier service. With over 40 years of experience, we offer everything from hot tub installation to electrical services. 

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