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PoolBoss Alka-Plus 8 Kg
PoolBoss Alka-Plus 8 Kg

PoolBoss Alka-Plus 8 Kg

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Pool Boss Alka-Rise raises the total alkalinity in your pool and acts as a pH stabilizer. Alka-Plus will also help to raise your pH at the same time. The ideal level of total alkalinity is between 80-120 ppm.

It is important to note that a low total alkalinity will cause your pH to wander and promote corrosive water. Total alkalinity should always be balanced before adjusting pH levels.

  • Alka Plus stabilizes pH to help the chlorine in pool water to work more efficiently
  • Alka Plus raises the total alkalinity to prevent corrosion that can be caused by low total alkalinity
  • When testing indicates low alkalinity, simply broadcast Alka Plus over the water according to the instructions on the product label
  • Alka Plus contains sodium bicarbonate to bring alkalinity levels between 80 and 120 ppm
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PoolBoss Alka-Plus 8 Kg

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