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HTH Chlorine Tablets - 10kg
HTH Chlorine Tablets - 10kg

HTH Chlorine Tablets - 10kg

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**Tablets can only be used in skimmers and not in chlorinators!**

Enjoy crystal clear pool water all summer long with the HTH® chlorine puck. The pucks control bacteria and algae and other contaminants efficiently. The slow dissolving calcium hypochlorite 65% tablet eliminates the need to add chlorine every day.!

CAUTION: Unstabilized chlorine tablets cannot be used in a sealed automated feeders due to chlorine gas build up. It is recommended to use this product in a chlorine floating pool dispenser. 

  • Kills bacteria, controls algae and destroys organic contaminants
  • Slow dissolving, providing continuous sanitation
  • Must be used in skimmers or floaters
  • 65% Calcium Hypochlorite
  • 65% Available Chlorine
  • Dependable product, quality delivered in durable packaging
  • Compact and concentrated for easy transportation and storage
  • Manufactured to exacting specifications
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HTH Chlorine Tablets - 10kg

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