HTH® Extra 60% Algaecide 1 ltr


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HTH® EXTRA Algimycin® algaecide removes, prevents and controls green, blue-green and yellow algae. This advanced technology formula is a complex blend unlike standard algaecides that contains a special wetting agent that penetrates and treats even deeply rooted algae cells.

This is a nonmetallic, poly-complex formula, which if used weekly, will prevent algae outbreaks in the pool. This product is compatible with all pool types and is ideal for winterizing. 

  • Compatible with: Chlorine, bromine, ozone, mineral systems & saltwater pools.
  • Controls, prevents and removes green, blue-green and yellow algae
  • Contains concentrated coagulants that clarify pool water
  • Advanced filtration agents improve efficiency of pool’s filter
  • Contains no stain-causing metals such as copper or silver

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