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United and Strong

United and Strong

  • by Brad Ploch

Less is More after 35 Years

An Update from Don Carson, President of Krevco Lifestyles Inc.

10 years ago when I took over the company from the Kreviazuk family, the lifestyle concept was what I felt would propel Krevco long-term. Coming from a “Go-Big or Go-Home” advertising mentality, I expanded the company from 3 stores to 6 opening stores in Ontario and Saskatchewan as well as adding multiple divisions. What I’ve learned the hard way is, Less is More.

What I mean is, when we expanded we spread out our key personnel into multiple locations and experienced unnecessary overhead. It became harder to provide the number one service that you, our customers not only deserved but also expected.

During this expansion the economy as well as the methods of reaching customers changed. TV, Radio and Print made way to Online and Social Media and a more informed customer.

Today, like many retailers we have closed locations to cut overhead allowing us to concentrate and place our most knowledgeable and professional team in our 2 main locations 700 Berry Street in Winnipeg and 1240 18th Street in Brandon.

So what does this mean for you? We may not be perfect, but we are getting close. With over 100 years of experience, I’m so proud of our construction team building beautiful Swimming Pools yet again this year. Led by our new General Manager, William Lyburn with 20 years of experience in the industry our team is united and committed to provide world-class customer service.

We are here for the next 35 years and encourage you to visit one of our two main locations and see why Less is More and why Krevco again, has been awarded the Consumers Choice award for business excellence in the Swimming Pool, Hot Tubs and Fitness Categories.

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