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Crelogix & Krevco join forces

Crelogix & Krevco join forces

  • by Brad Ploch

Vancouver, BC – November 03, 2015: Crelogix Acceptance Corporation, a leading Canadian consumer financing provider, has partnered with Krevco Lifestyles, Western Canada’s largest home leisure company. Programs are now available for a number of divisions under the Krevco Lifestyles umbrella for customers who want the luxury of a living room in their backyard and seek financing options.

Krevco Lifestyles carries a wide range of products to help Canadians receive the best prices on swimming pools, hot tubs, and interior design ideas. With over 35 years of experience, Krevco Lifestyles offers a unique take on home improvement.

“Many people want an increase in their buying power because it allows them to pursue their dreams and afford a better quality lifestyle with higher quality product and services,” says Don Carson, President of Krevco, “Crelogix has a simple to use platform that helps them get the luxury lifestyle they are after. It is a user-friendly tool that enables us to help customers realize their dream lifestyle.”

Lorenzo Ghio, General Manager of Home Improvement says of the partnership, “Crelogix anticipates tremendous success with the launch of our enhanced programs with Krevco. This partnership will enable Krevco customers the ability to realize the benefits of the best quality luxury products available in the market.”

About Krevco Lifestyles

Krevco Lifestyles is Western Canada’s largest Swimming Pool builder and supplier of Hot Tubs & Spas, Patio Furniture, Sauna, Fireplaces, BBQ’s, Fitness Equipment and much more. A growing company in the Winnipeg community, Krevco Lifestyles has been in operations for the past quarter century and since 2006, it has been run and operated by Don Carson.

Operating over several divisions, Krevco ensures their customers’ homes are unique and custom to their taste and preference with added luxury. For more information go to

About Crelogix

Crelogix is Canada’s most business friendly specialty finance company. Since 1974 Crelogix has been creating consumer finance programs that people love by providing its capital, technology, industry expertise and financial know-how to providers of consumer products and services.

Through consultation with our partners, Crelogix creates the lowest cost and most convenient sales finance programs, structured to help our partners attract and retain more customers, close more sales and increase their overall profitability. More information go to Crelogix…creating consumer financing programs that people love.

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