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  • No standing pilot is necessary: With our new E-Pilot ignition system you can light, and turn off the pilot from your couch! In these days of heightened energy awareness, the ability to easily turn the pilot on and off is an energy-saving feature that will also save you money.
  • Fantastic fire view - a large stove with a big, clear window: The Madrona definitely has a presence of its own. With its large arched opening, and its clean cast front , the Madrona is a freestanding fireplace like no other. Viewing the realistic fire is what this stove was designed for. High flames and an ember bed glow add up to create the realistic look of a real wood-burning fire!
  • Heater Rated: The large secondary heat exchanger runs all the way across the top of the Madrona fire box, and creates a steady flow of hot air with no need for a fan. The radiant heat, which Valor is known for, makes the Madrona feel much larger than it is.
  • No electricity required: No Power? No Problem. Your Madrona stove will keep you warm even in the event of a power failure.
  • Raise and lower the flames from your couch: Not only can the remote control light the pilot and function as a thermostat, but it can also adjust the flames up and down, giving you complete fire and heat control at your finger tips.
  • Fuel Friendly: Your stove is factory prepared and safety-tested for the fuel you choose. Stoves can be ordered natural gas or propane ready - no field conversions are required!


Model Gas Type Input (BTU/HR) Output Max
MF28JLN NG 26,000 - 6,500 19,123
MF28JLP LPG 26,000 - 14,500 19,123

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