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SpaBoss Spa Plus
SpaBoss Spa Plus

SpaBoss Spa Plus

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SpaBoss Spa Plus 680 gm

SpaBoss Spa Plus is a Shock, Buffer, Clarifier, and Stain and Scale preventor. It superchlorinates by oxidizing organic material, and produces sparkling clear water with no cloudy residue. Spa Plus contains 34% available chlorine, and also allows you to “shock and soak” within 15 minutes of use.


With the pump in operation, add 30gr of Spa Plus per 1,500L, by broadcasting over the water surface.
Use as a part of your weekly hot tub maintenance for maximum effectiveness. Use more frequently with heavy bather loads. Apply immediately after hot tub use.

Instand Financing Available Get Approved In Less That 5 Minutes

SpaBoss Spa Plus

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