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SpaBoss Cal-Rise
SpaBoss Cal-Rise

SpaBoss Cal-Rise

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SpaBoss Cal-Rise 600 gm

SpaBoss Cal-Rise is the easiest way to increase calcium hardness levels in your hot tub water. Protect your spa or hot tub and the many working parts within the plumbing and heating system by keeping the water chemistry correctly balanced at all times.

One capful holds approximately 1 oz.  Test the total hardness of spa water.  Broadcast Cal-Rise over the water according to the table below:

If the total hardness reading is: Add this much Cal-Rise per 250 gallons of spa water:
0 - 20 ppm 9 ounces
40 ppm 7 ounces
80 ppm 6 ounces
120 ppm 4 ounces
160 ppm 3 ounces
180 ppm 2 ounces
200 - 300 ppm Ideal Conditions
Instand Financing Available Get Approved In Less That 5 Minutes

SpaBoss Cal-Rise

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