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SpaBoss Alka-Rise
SpaBoss Alka-Rise

SpaBoss Alka-Rise

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SpaBoss Alka-Rise (750 G)

SpaBoss Alka-Rise works as a pH stabilizer by preventing drastic changes in the pH levels of your spa water. Alka-Rise will also help to keep your chlorine/bromine working more efficiently. Alka-Rise raises the total alkalinity of the spa water to prevent corrosion that can be caused by low alkalinity levels. To use, simply broadcast over the surface of the water.

Size: 750 g


One capful holds 25 grams.

Test Total Alkalinity regularly.

Add Alka-Rise according to the table below;

Total Alkalinity Reading

Add qty/1000L of water

85 ppm

25 grams

70 ppm

50 grams

55 ppm

100 grams

40 ppm

150 grams

*Recommended Alkalinity level is between 100 – 120ppm

Instand Financing Available Get Approved In Less That 5 Minutes

SpaBoss Alka-Rise

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