Spa Essentials Spa Shock (48gr/bag X 6 bags/package)


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Spa Essentials Spa Shock

Quickly and easily perform your weekly Spa Shock maintenance with these conveniently pre-measured packets.

  • Kit contains 6 packets, 48g each
  • Includes built in clarifiers to promote clear water
  • Dissolves quickly, gentle on spa surfaces
  • Promotes maximum sanitizer efficiency
  • Spa Shock eliminates soluble organic wastes and irritating chloramines in spa water
  • Compatible with chlorinating or brominating products or lithium.
  • Under average bather conditions Spa Shock treatment is recommended once per week. After heavy bather load an extra application is recommended. 
  • One pouch treats up to 2000L of spa water

Unit Size: 48gr/bag X 6 bags/package

Weekly shock/clarifying treatment that enhances filtration
compatible with bromine & chlorine sanitizers
Spa Shock is an oxidizer treatment not a disinfectant nor an algaecide
bathing may resume 15 minutes after application
apply with cover off & circulation system running for a minimum of 1 hour after application

Application: with spa circulating broadcast entire pouch into the spa

Dosage: add (1) 48 gram pouch / week for up to 2,000 liters of water under normal bather conditions

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