Progression Xplode Titan 84" Olympic Bar (500lbs-28mm)

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At 84”, the Progression Xplode Titan Olympic Bar is a solid choice for lighter-weight powerlifting exercises like bench presses, squats and lunges. Fill each hand with 16 ¼” inches of knurling with the right level of aggression to provide a non-slip grip without cheese-grating your hands. A more passive 4 3/4” knurling strip at the centre of the bar will neither slip off of nor tear your shirt while the bar rests on your shoulders. 

Knurling marks 18’ from the centre of the bar help you find the ideal hand positions for an effective lift, while a friction-reducing bushing between the sleeve and solid-steel bar provide just enough rotational advantage to facilitate smooth, jolt-free motion. That’s important when you can stack up to 500 pounds of weight plates on two 14 ¾” Outer sleeves.


Material: Chrome

Sleeve Rotation: Bushing

Outer Sleeve: Chrome


Total Bar Length: 2134 mm/84”

Bar Diameter: 28 mm/1 ¼”

Bar Weight: 20 kg/44.4 lbs

Total Sleeve Length: 419 mm/15 3/8”

Outer Sleeve Length: 376 mm/ 14  3/4”

Maximum Weight Capacity: 226.8 kg/500 lbs

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