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The PFX9020 Smith Machine is excellent value for somebody who is looking for an all-around strength machine but still wants a higher end quality. The smith attachment has 11 available racking positions and the dual vertical pulleys have 16 height adjustments. The built in pull-up bar has multiple positions for close grip, hammer grip and wide grip pullups and chin-ups. Five pairs of weight storage pegs and four frame-mounted accessory hooks keep the area neat and tidy. The front facing is adjustable.

Package includes:

  • Built in multi-grip pullup bar
  • Smith machine
  • Low row w/foot plate
  • Dual adjustable front pulleys
  • 10 weight plate storage pegs
  • 1 pair of Olympic locking collars
  • Tricep rope, handles, low row bar


  • Dimensions: 58”D x 87”W x 86”H
  • Machine Weight: 470lbs
  • Smith Machine Weight Capacity: 700lbs
  • Cable Plate Load Weight Capacity: 400lbs

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