Osburn Horizon Wood Fireplace

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Beyond the Size!

This wood fireplace offers peace of mind due to the combination of energy efficiency and clean heating. A simple solution; its clean design suits any type of decor.

Large fireplace. Behind its large glass door, the 4.28 cubic foot combustion chamber can hold an impressive 60 lbs of wood.

Low emissions. This energy efficient fireplace complies with the EPA’s clean-air standards (only 1.6 g/hr of emissions).


  • Fuel type : Dry cordwood
  • Heating area : 1,000 - 2,800 Ft2
  • Maximum heat output : 95,000 BTU/h (23.5 kW/h)
  • Maximum burn time : 10 h
  • Dimensions: 43 3/8" h x 50 3/4" w x 31 3/4" d

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