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InSPAration Spa Aromatherapy is a ready to use blend of aromatherapy fragrance specially formulated for spas, Hot Tubs and Jetted Baths. Enhanced with Vitamins and Natural Extracts, InSPAration leaves skin soft and moisturized and is water soluble. Masks chemical odors and will not stain or harm woods, fiberglass, acrylics or plaster. Has no oils and will not clog filters or affect water chemistry.

Available in 10 unit varied pack. The pack may contain the scents: Coconut Mango, Cherry Blossom, Tranquility, Polynesian Paradise, Lavender, Peach, Rain, Apple Pear, Joy, Amaretto, Heavenly Honeysuckle, Vanilla Twist, Harmony (Pomegranate), Citrus Splash, Caribbean Nights, Passion (Passion Flower), Pumpkin Pie, Spaberry, Serenity (Peonies), Jasmine, Spring Bouquet, April Showers, Tropical Island, Kiwi, Cucumber Melon, Hawaiian Sunset, Desire (Rose) and many more.

Add directly into your Spa, Hot Tub or Bath for that ultimate hot water enjoyment.

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