Twilight-Legend-Therapool-Outer Filter - X268546 (PMA-R1)


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Original Equipment Master Spas Filter Cartridge. This Twilight & Legend is used on all Master Spas Twilight Series and Michael Phelps Legend Series Spas from 2017 to current, with the exception of the triangle shaped TS 240.It is also used on the Therapool SE and Therapool D swim spas from 2017 to current. Replacement parts from the manufacturer guarantee an exact fit and match, and are the best quality replacements available.

Filter Details:

Diameter: 6.5 inches (16.51 cm)
Length: 7.75 inches (19.685 cm)
Total Length (including top and bottom): 8.75 inches (22.225 cm) 
Weight: 1 lb. 12.8 oz. (810 g)

This filter works in conjunction with these filters:

X268532 - PMA-EPR - Filter Element - Eco Pur Charge Master Core Technology Mineral Filter 
X268543 - PMA40L-F2M - Filter Element - Twilight Series Canister Filter


Make Year Models this Item is Compatible with...
H2X Swim Spas 2017-Present
Therapool Deep, Therapool SE
Twilight Series Spas
TS 6.1, TS 6.2, TS 67.15, TS 67.25, TS 7.1, TS 7.15, TS 7.2, TS 7.25, TS 8.1, TS 8.2, TS 8.25, TS 8.3, TS 8.35, TS 87.3, TS Fit, TS MP,
Michaels Phelps Legend Series Spas
MPL 700, MPL 800, MPL 900

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