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Spa Boss Brominating Granules

 SpaBoss Brominating Granules control bacteria and algae in hot tub water. It’s a quick dissolving oxidation treatment that provides effective Bromine sanitation. Bromine granules also help promote water clarity, and eliminate organic waste; such as, sweat, body oils, cosmetics, etc. Persistent foaming, or strong odors, can be a sign of insufficient sanitizer levels.

Size: 2 kg


With circulation system running, add 6gr per 1,000L directly to the water. Test for available bromine and repeat this dosage every 15-20 minutes, until a bromine residual of 3-5 ppm is achieved.
Periodic super chlorination (shock) of hot tub water is recommended after a heavy bather load, persistent foamy water, strong odors; or as part of weekly maintenance, add 25gr per 1,000L as often as required.

Maintain circulation for 30 minutes, minimum. **Note that after the super chlorination dose has been added, the residual reading will be high. Bathers should not enter the tub until the residual drops down to a reading of 6ppm.

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