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pH Stable 1 Ltr
pH Stable 1 Ltr

pH Stable 1 Ltr

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pH Stable 1 Ltr

SpaBoss pH Stable reduces the demand for water balancing chemicals, helps to maintain a stable pH, softens spa water; can also prevent stains from dissolved metals forming and is easy to use.

Size: 1L


It is recommended to start with pH Stable with clean hot tub, filters, and fresh, balanced, water.

With heater turned off, and water circulating, add initial dosage of 500ml per 1,000L of water. In addition to this, add an extra 40ml per 1,000L of water for each 10ppm that the Calcium Hardness is above 150ppm.

If the water becomes cloudy during the application of pH Stable, that means the excess dissolved calcium that was present, is now coming out of the solution. Allow the filter to remove this precipitated calcium. Clean and rinse the filter cartridge within 24 hours after adding pH Stable to ensure proper filter efficiency.

Add a dose of pH Stable of 25ml per 1,000L weekly for continuous performance of the water softening and pH stabilizing effects.

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    pH Stable 1 Ltr

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