Health Canada issued a report regarding how crucial it is to keep the water in your pool and spa sanitized and balanced to prevent unwanted bugs and illnesses.

Whether your water looks clean, there may be a chance it is contaminated. Swimming or bathing in contaminated water may cause ear and stomach infections.

Health Canada recommends the following:

Test your water balance daily for sanitizer levels, pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness using a good quality test kit from a pool or spa store. Dealers can also test water samples.

Control algae levels which can make pool and spa surfaces slippery and as well as reduce the effectiveness of sanitizers.

All pool and spa products (chemicals and devices) used to control micro-organisms and algae must be registered or scheduled under the Pest Control Products Act. Make sure the product label has a pest control product (PCP) registration number (e.g. Reg. No. 00000 P.C.P. Act, Registration No. 00000 Pest Control Products Act, or indicates, ‘Scheduled under the Pest Control Products Act’).

Use Health Canada’s label database online or via the mobile app for the most recent product information.

Follow the sticker’s directions when using pool and spa chemicals, which indicates how much of the product to use with safe handling, including the use of proper protective equipment.

Pool and spa devices that generate or dispense a sanitizer have detailed instructions in the user’s manual, on the package, and on the device. Always read the label and the guidelines before installing and using a device.

Pool and spa chemicals should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place, away from sunlight, and flammable materials, such as gasoline and fertilizers; chemicals should be kept away from children and pets to prevent accidental exposure.