Waterco HydroStorm

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Waterco HydroStorm

Waterco High Performance Pumps are designed to work in large domestic pools and in commercial settings. They provide the required extra power for water features, vacuum cleaning, spa jet and other systems. They have a special impeller and diffuser design that maximizes the Pump's output and keeps turbulence at lower levels. Because of this designs the performance of the pump is highly improved when compared to other brands, while at the same time it helps reducing energy consumption and operating costs. These Pumps not only are highly efficient, but they are very durable.

Waterco is well known for the quality of their products and these pumps are no exception. It is built using state of the art plastic moulding and high grade stainless steal. It is design to withstand the effects of corrosion and the chemicals in the water.

1 HP In Ground Pool Pump

  • Suitable for heating systems, in flooring cleaning, fountains, vacuum cleaning and swim jet systems
  • Flow Rate: 250 lpm
  • 1 HP

Available in 3/4 HP, 1 HP, 1.5 HP, and 2 HP.

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