Rendezvous Spa Activate Spa Shock Tablet 1.8 Kg


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Rendezvous Spa Activate Spa Shock Tablet 1.8 Kg

Activate Shock Tablets, is an excellent non-chlorine shock, or can be used with Enhance (as part 2 of the 2-part sanitization system). (Non-Chlorine Potassium Monopersulfate)

Activate is a powerful non-chlorine shock that works with bromine tablets, chlorine or it can be used to "activate" liquid Enhance bromide salts into a bromine sanitizer (the 2-part system). Activate is an excellent shock because it is specially buffered to not upset pH or alkalinity levels.

Compatible With: bromide salts, bromine pucks, chlorine, ozone and mineral purification systems


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