Rendezvous Spa Activate Granular 1 kg


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Rendezvous Spa Activate Granular 1 kg

Fast-dissolving, non-chlorine shock quickly destroys contaminants such as perspiration and cosmetics that cause odours and skin and eye irritation.


  • Shock treats without chlorine
  • Clears cloudy water and eliminates odours and contaminants
  • Does not upset water chemistry


Normal: Normal: Activate® should be added initially when the spa/hot tub is filled and daily as a shock treatment and as an activator for the production of available bromine in water containing Enhance.

See label for complete application instructions.


Use with Enhance to provide a completely chlorine-free spa. Activate can also be used to shock spas sanitized with chlorine or bromine.

Compatible With:

Chlorine, Bromine, ozone and mineral purification systems.

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