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Polaris P393 Pool Cleane

The Polaris P93 is the original Polaris robotic pool cleaner that includes innovative aquadynamic design. P93 seamlessly integrates bold styling, advanced engineering and unmatched intelligence, making it a smarter, faster way to clean your pool than ever dreamed possible.


  • Quick release filter canister, never touch pool debris
  • Patented Vortex Vacuum technology
  • Vacuums Larger Debris
  • Enhanced Agility and Faster Navigation
  • Includes 60’ cord and premium caddy


  • Cleaner doesn't climb the pool sides:
    1. The filter is full or dirty and must be cleaned following the procedure Section 5.1 of the owner's manual, "Cleaning the Filter Canister".
    2. Microscopic algae are causing the pool side to become slippery. Do a shock chlorination treatment and slightly reduce the pH. DO NOT leave the cleaner in the pool during this treatment. 
  • Cleaner doesn't stay firmly on the pool bottom:
    There is air in the appliance casing so you must submerge the cleaner following the procedure in
    Section 4.1 of the owner's manual, "Submerging the Cleaner". 
  • How to connect new control unit to original caddy:
    1. Position the new control unit over the control unit hook on the caddy.
    2. Place the locking plate on top and line up the screw holes. Start both screws prior to tightening completely. Secure the plate using Phillips head screwdriver. Do not over tighten.
    3. The transport caddy is now ready to use. 
  • Flashing lights appear during cycle:
    If the cleaner is sucking air for 60 seconds the flashing lights appear. This may be caused at beach entry if cleaner does not reverse correctly. Submerge the cleaner following the procedure in Section 4.1 of the owner's manual, "Submerging the Cleaner". 
  • On startup cleaner does not move:
    1. The outlet, the control unit is connected to, is not supplying electrical power. Check that the outlet to which the control unit is connected is receiving electricity.
    2. Check that you have started one (1) of the two (2) programs and check that the indicator for the selected program is lit. If the problem persists, contact your local Polaris service representative. 
  • The cleaner is not cleaning effectively:
    1. The brushes hav become smooth or the "wear" indicator shows so you must replace your brushes.
    2. Clean the filter canister.
    3. The floating cable may be excessively coiled or kinked. Make sure the floating cable is spread out over the pool. Ensure the cable is not too tightly wrapped or coiled when storing. If the problem persists, lay the cable straight in the sun to relax it and remove kinks. 
  • The cycle 1 and 2 program indicators flash alternately
    Your cleaner has encountered a problem or an issue during its operation. Disconnect the control unit and wait 20 seconds before reconnecting the control unit. Check that the floating cable is correctly connected to the control unit. Check that no debris impedes the rotation of the brushes and/or propeller. Empty the filter canister and clean the filter. Start a new cleaning program. If the problem persists, contact your local service representative.
  • The flashing indicator lights appear just after start:
    Unplug the floating cable from the control unit and plug it in again. Ensure the cleaner is well submerged and free of trapped air. Reset the cleaner and start new cycle. If the propeller or the wheels do not turn, please contact your local service representative.


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