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GLB Green Free Algaecide 1 kg
GLB Green Free Algaecide 1 kg

GLB Green Free Algaecide 1 kg

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GLB® Green Free Algaecide is formulated to clear water of green colored algae in swimming pools. This product is safe for use on all types of swimming pool surfaces including concrete, tile, vinyl and gunite.

This product is for the treatment of algae blooms, but is not intended for regular use. Regular use may influence your water chemistry. Consult your pool dealer for more information.


1. Thoroughly brush areas that have green algae deposits.

2. Using the upper cap, measure 120 g of GLB Green Free Algaecide per 40,000 L of pool water and disperse throughout affected area.

3. Wait 5 minutes and add 4 L of liquid chlorine (10.3% available chlorine present as sodium hypochlorite) or 625 g of dry chlorine (65% calcium hypochlorite) per 40,000 L of water to activate the GLB Green Free Algaecide treatment. Dispense chlorine around the entire pool. Wait at least 3 hours before swimming.

4. To help restore water clarity, add 30 mL of GLB Clear Blue® clarifier per 20,000 L of water.

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GLB Green Free Algaecide 1 kg

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