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Have you maxed out your 310 lbs of resistance on your Bowflex? The Bowflex 410 power rod upgrade upgrades your Bowflex from 310 lbs of resistance to 410 lbs by adding two 50lb rods that slide into the back of your rod box. Compatible with the Bowflex PR3000, Extreme SE, Ultimate, Extreme 2 SE,Ultimate 2, Maxed Out No More.

*The 310 lbs upgrade and 410 lbs upgrade both consist of two 50 lb power-rods. The difference between the 310 and 410 upgrades is simply where the two power-rods attach to the power rod box. The 410 slides onto the back of the box while the 310 inserts into the two open holes in the power-rod box. If your power rod box on your home gym do not have open holes or a spot on the back to slide an upgrade in to - your model is not upgradable.

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