We are following the guidelines to remain open to serve you by keeping the recommended social distancing. We know how important water care is for your hot tub and pool so our testing station will remain open and water chemistry products stocked . If you prefer call 1-800-665-1411 for over the phone questions and quotes.

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Pool Filters

Keep your Swimming Pool water sparkling and fresh. Krevco Lifestyles has you covered for all your Water Care needs. If you need assistance in choosing the right filter for your Swimming Pool, visit any one of our locations, or speak with one of our Sales Representatives by calling 204-786-6957.


Keep that water sparkling and fresh!

Krevco Lifestyles has you covered for all your Spa Water Care needs!

In order to maintain your pool properly, you must consider the importance of filtration and disinfection.

The first step of pool maintenance is a properly functioning pool filtration system to keep out unwanted debris and sediment. This reduces the impact on the disinfection process resulting in the limitation of potential chloramines, while assisting in the sanitation process.

The second step is disinfection, which is critical in protecting against pathogens. The best route is a proper routine maintenance and monitoring schedule which includes an optimum level of chemical treatment.

We carry a wide selection of chemicals that will help clear up that cloudy water, as well as eliminate the contaminants that contribute to odour and irritation.

If you need assistance in choosing the right chemical or filter for your swimming pool or spa, please feel free to visit one of our locations, or contact us by phone at 204-786-6957

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