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Legend Series Spas

Introducing World Class, Luxury Hot Tubs... The Michael Phelps Legend Series by Master Spas

The difference between good and great comes down to performance. And just like its namesake, great performance is exactly what you'll experience with the Michael Phelps Legend Series Hot Tub.

The Michael Phelps Legend Series Hot Tub is highlighted by a long list of exceptional features that will make these ultra premium spas look and feel luxurious!

The colour display control panel lets you easily manage every function of the hot tub, and by using the available smart phone or tablet app you can make sure your spa is always ready no matter where you are (Requires optional Wi-Fi Module).

The Michael Phelps Legend Series by Master Spas are the best designed, best engineered hot tubs you can buy. No wonder they’re the Ultimate Relaxation Machine.

Legend Series Spas Features

Finely-Crafted, Form fitting Seats perfectly accommodate the human body

We have taken therapy to the extreme simply by creating seats that wrap you in comfort and that deliver the ultimate in hydrothermal therapy from head to toe. For example, the Xtreme Therapy Seat utilizes 20 strategically placed jets with two whirlpools in a unique pattern for the neck and back and maximum coverage for the hips, thighs, calves, arms, wrists, and hands — all with individual controls. All Legend Series feature dual 14-nozzle Master Blaster™ jets for the best foot therapy anywhere.

Michael Phelps Legend Series Spas offers numerous therapeutic jet configurations, all within your command. Choose a full body massage… or perhaps concentrated neck and shoulder relief… or a soothing foot massage… or a relaxing lounge and cool-down seat. Many jets are fully adjustable from 100 to 10 percent velocity, allowing you to customize every seat in the spa!

  • • StressRelief™ Neck and Shoulder Seat
  • • Master Blaster™ Foot Therapy
  • • Xtreme Therapy Seat
  • • Master Force™ Bio-Magnetic Therapy System
  • • Exclusive Orbit Jets with stunning crystal-like nozzles

Master Blaster™

Our Master Blaster™ Foot Therapy System uses dual jet clusters with 28 total individual nozzles designed to rejuvenate your body through an encompassing foot massage. This unique form of reflexology is bolstered by scientific studies into the health benefits of foot massage. Our Master Blaster Foot Therapy System is powered by a separate oversized pump, generating 140 gallons per minute of powerful yet soothing foot relief.

Reverse Molded Stress Relief Neck and Shoulder Seat

Our exclusive reverse molded StressRelief™ Neck and Shoulder Seat features specially designed shoulder jets that apply tension-relieving massage where it’s needed most, across the neck and shoulders.

Orion Light System

Our Orion Light System is anything but ordinary. An array of colours illuminate controls, water features, under the water, and more. With just a touch of a button from the easy-to-use topside controls, you can create a custom light show that fits any mood.

Afterglow Light Package*

This optional package adds some drama to your spa with a kaleidoscope of colours through the jets.

Dream Lighting*

Beautiful soft streams of light accent the exterior corners of your hot tub. Not available with DreamStone Skirting.

Fusion Air Sound System*

This high-tech hot tub stereo includes four interior, water-resistant speakers, and a subwoofer. Other available functions include FM radio and Bluetooth®, both of which are controlled by a weather-resistant touchpad.

Smart Device Control / WiFi Module

Set the mood prior to entering your spa, with the right lighting, water temperature, and running massage pumps all from the convenience of your iPhone® or iPad®. Remotely control the operations of your spa via an optional integrated Wi-Fi module that works with the Balboa Water Group Wi-Fi Spa Control App.

Mast3rPur™ Filtration

The synergistic blend of three proven natural sanitizers provides water quality and spa care not found in any other spa, including salt systems. Plus, the Mast3rPur™ Water Management System dramatically reduces harsh chemical consumption, like chlorine, while removing many heavy metals and chloramines for water that looks crystal clear, smells fresh, and has a silky feel. Another innovative, exclusive benefit only available through Master Spas.

The Power of 3

  • • When absorbed in water, ozone kills pathogens and microorganisms, destroys organics, and oxidizes non-organic contaminants.
  • • When germicidal UV-C light is exposed to water it inactivates microorganisms and breaks down chloramines.
  • • The unique combination of copper and zinc in the patented EcoPur® filters creates an electro-chemical reaction to eliminate many microorganisms and remove heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

Each of the three elements are proven effective water management tools but when they are combined, their synergy makes them dramatically more effective through a chemical reaction known as Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP). AOP is superior to other systems because it produces powerful hydroxyl radicals that maximize disinfection and reduces chloramines fast and effectively. Clean, clear, fresh smelling, and better feeling water is available now with less work...exclusively on Master Spas.

Master Spas developed and installs our patented EcoPur® filters on every Michael Phelps Legend Series Spa. This allows us to assure you that the quality of the water is beyond all industry standards and we do it with the same techniques as Mother Nature. The EcoPur® filters are embedded with a proprietary combination of minerals including Zinc and Copper. As the water passes through the EcoPur®, it absorbs this blend of minerals which polish the water to a sparkle while eliminating most micro-organisms and removing heavy metals from the water such as lead and mercury. This leaves the water cleaner, clearer, and softer feeling all without harsh chemical smells.

Watch your favourite TV Show or Movies with your iPad®

Once you have the optional Deluxe Fusion BT Sound System, it’s easy to view all these things from the comfort of your hot tub using your iPad® or iPad® mini. Just use the Waterproof case and Heavy Duty Suction Stand on your Apple® tablet, connect to your Bluetooth through your device and pick what you want to watch. It’s that easy!

Noise Reduction System

The little things in life make such a big difference for us. It could be the smile of a young child at the end of a long day or maybe it’s the fact you hit all the green lights on your morning commute. One thing that’s been more difficult to find in these busy times is a quiet, relaxing place to rejuvenate yourself. The most relaxing spas in the world just got even better with our exclusive Noise Reduction System (NRS).

The NRS is the result of advanced engineering innovation that reduces pump and motor vibration by 150% over the industry standard mounting system making it even easier to find your quiet place.

The heart of the Michael Phelps Legend Series Spas Noise Reduction System (NRS) is the unique motor mount developed by Master Spas world class engineers and our industry leading suppliers. The NRS is featured on Pump 1 on every Michael Phelps Legend Series Spa.

Orbit Jets

Orbit Jets with crystal-like nozzles add a decidedly upscale and distinctive look to your hot tub. Great looks are only a part of the story. Many of these beauties have fully adjustable velocity, ranging from 10-100%, allowing you to customize every seat.

Masterforce Bio-Magnetic Therapy

Michael Phelps Legend Series Spas is putting you in complete control of your wellness. Used for centuries to help relieve pain, improve circulation, reduce swelling, and alleviate stiffness, magnetic therapy is being reborn in the world of modern medicine.

Nearly 70% of All professional athletes use magnetic therapyStrategically placed magnets line up with pressure points and help to relieve pain. As more doctors and physical therapists use magnetic therapy for the treatment of back problems, arthritis, and sports injuries, nearly 70 percent of all professional athletes use magnetic therapy for pain relief and performance enhancement.

Our patented Master Force™ Bio-Magnetic Therapy System applies strategically placed magnets to two pressure points behind the neck, and eight through the shoulders, back and seat areas in our exclusive reverse molded StressRelief™ Neck and Shoulder Seat.

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